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Hubschman engineering specializes in seeing projects through the vast myriad of approvals required for a project to be constructed in the State of New Jersey. The regulations are overlapping and complex from local planning board approvals, county planning board approvals, and state approvals. The regulations have gotten so comlex that to remove a tree within 300 feet of a category one stream requires the filing of an NDJEP individual permit; we specialize in obtaining these types of permits.

Our services for each project start with a site visit and meeting, preparation of a proposal outlining the professional services required and the project pricing . Upon acceptance of the proposal between client and engineer; the project design is started including; surveying, drawings, calculations, preparation of permit applications and attendance at local and state meetings. Upon project approval and permitting, Hubschman engineering staff will lay out the project in the field, and provide as-built surveys required to ensure compliance with construction drawings and specifications.

Hubschman Engineering prepares subdivision and site plans for residential, commercial and institutional construction projects of various sizes for clients throughout Northern New Jersey. We prepare surveys, subdivision and site plans and required reports for site construction elements including grading, drainage, utility, lighting and landscaping. We prepare technical reports which are required by land use boards. Our professionals regularly provide project specific expert witness testimony before the dozens of land use boards within our region.

Hubschman Engineering works closely with clients to develop functional on-site sewage disposal systems which accommodate present and anticipated future sewage treatment needs at the site. Our unique familiarity with State and local regulations as well as local geologic formations help us to design septic systems for residential and commercial properties which can be constructed on time and within the clients budget constraints.

In order to comply with ever changing environmental regulations, all subdivision and site plan projects must incorporate increasingly detailed hydraulic designs. Our projects incorporate hydraulic design elements ranging from simple storm sewer collection systems to structural best management practices, stormwater quantity storage systems and non-structural water quality measures. We incorporate cost effective drainage strategies to achieve regulatory compliance within the project budget.

Combining modern computer aided drafting software and the latest electronic field surveying devices, our field personnel provide timely and accurate construction stakeouts including detailed cut sheets to assist during a project’s construction phase.

Our surveyors assist property owners in the preparation of Flood Hazard Elevation Certificates for properties and buildings. Flood Hazard Elevation Certificates relate the elevation of a property or structure to the Special Flood Hazard Elevations provided on the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) prepared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The certificate can support exemption for a property or building from compulsory flood insurance purchase.

Hubschman Engineering provides regulatory compliance services for projects which fall under the jurisdiction of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) and other Federal, State and County regulatory agencies. Our professionals prepare applications, plans, reports and all required documents. We submit application packages on our client’s behalf and follow up with the government regulatory agencies until the necessary approvals are issued.

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